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Looking for information on Chile tourism? What to do? Where to go?

Everything on Chile tourism is here and everything a tourist might want is here ... in Chile.

Why is Chile one of the MUST SEE countries in South America? In three words:  Everything IS here.


You see, Chile is a very long and thin country, so we have all kinds of climates: from the north desert to the arctic south with oceans and mountains spread throughout, that come with their own vegetation and climates.  This, in turn, brings a never-ending list of activities including fishing, hiking, golfing, wine tasting, surfing, horse back riding, diving, mountain and volcano climbing, white water rafting and many more. In short there are attractions in Chile for every tourist's taste.

chile-attractions-northern lake

I haven't just been to Chile on a vacation, my family and I moved here (twice). So I've had the chance to travel around this South American country and see the attractions in Chile and I want to tell you all about it.

chile-attractions northern mountains

Because I've lived here and speak the language like a native, I also have had a lot of interaction with Chileans and can tell you that they are very friendly and curious about visitors. On the other hand, the Chilean culture is fascinating once you get into it!

And the food! Just wait til I get into telling you about that ... it's a delicious topic! You'll have to try it!

chile-attractions molles

So I'm going to provide first-hand information on Chile tourism. I'll give you first-hand accounts of everywhere I've been and the best information I can find on the rest (and then I'll add them to my list of places to see, too!).

chile attractions calafquen

Hopefully my information on Chile and its tourism will serve you on your vacation and make it a memorable one ... maybe even a permanent one.


Looking for Information on Chile?
All the information on Chile that you need is right here, just one click away.
Everything On Geography Of Chile
Mountains, oceans, deserts, antartica... everything that you are looking for on geography of Chile is on this site.
Geografía de Chile? Todo lo quieres saber , esta aquí!
Montañas, lagos, mares, desiertos, antártica... todo los que buscas sobre la geografía de Chile este en este sitio.
Turismo Chile, Lugares Que Hay Que Ver En Chile, Un Paraíso Latino.
Estas buscando información sobre turismo Chile? Que hacer? Donde ir? Que comer? Deja contarte porque Chile es uno de los países de Sudamérica que se DEBE conocer.
Estas buscando informacion de Chile?
Toda la informacion de Chile que buscas esta aquí a solo un clic.
Northern Chile
Northern Chile, Everything You Want To Know To Prepare For Your Vacation.
Things to do in Chile, need ideas?
Sooooo many things to do in Chile, such as fishing, skiing, hiking, surfing, parasailing, scuba diving and many more. There all listed here.
Looking For Tourist Attractions in Chile?
Here’s a page about tourist attractions in Chile. Everything you need to know to prepare your trip, so you won’t miss out on anything.
Cherchez vous des informations sur le Chili?
Toutes les informations que vous recherchez sur le Chili sont ici, avec un seul Clic.
Actividades en Chile, ¿Quieres Ideas?
Hay muchisimas actividades en Chile para realizar, tales como la pesca, trekking, esquiar, surfear, bucear, parapente y muchos más. Todos estan mensionados aquí.
Vous cherchez des informations sur le tourisme au Chili. Que faire? Ou aller?
Vous recherchez des informations sur le Chili? Que faire? Où aller? Quoi manger? Permettez-moi de vous dire pourquoi le Chili est l'un des pays doivent voir en Amérique du Sud. Tout est fascinant.
Buscas Lugares Turisticos de Chile?
Aquí tienes una página que cita todos los lugares turisticos de Chile. Todo lo que necesitas para preparar tu viaje y para que no te pierdas nada.
La géographie du Chili? Tout ce que tu veux savoir est ici!
Les montagnes, les lacs, les mers, les déserts, l´antartique..tout ce que tu cheches sur la Géographie de Chili est sur ce site.
Wondering About Chile Food?
For all of you who are wondering about Chile food this page is for you. Find out all about the traditional food that is eaten here and what you have to try.
Quieres saber sobre comida Chilena?
Para todos aquellos que estan estan pensando probar la comida Chilena, esta pagina es para ustedes. Sepan que comidas son las tipicas y cuales TIENEN que probar.
Interested about the Chile culture?
Find out about the Chile culture, what the people are like, what they believe and who they are.
Wondering about Chilean People?
Get to know what Chilean people are like, how they interact with one and other, what they like and what they dislike.
Looking for Chile Real Estate?
Here’s information on Chile Real Estate to make this wonderful country home. Learn about the beautiful places there are to live at prices you’ve never even dreamed of.
Looking For Properties In Chile?
Here are some properties in Chile that are up for sale at really good prices. Take a look!
Te interesa la Cultura de Chile?
Averigua sobre la cultura de Chile, como es la gente, como se visten, como hablan, que música les gusta, etc.
¿Te Interesa Las Bienes Raíces De Chile?
Aquí encontraras información sobre las bienes raíces de Chile y podrás hacer que este hermoso país sea tu hogar. Averigua los lugares maravillosos que están a la venta a precios increíblemente barato.
Estas Buscando Propiedades en Chile?
Aquí encontraras algunas propiedades en Chile que están para la venta a buenos precios. Hecha un vistazo!
Wondering about the Chile Holidays?
Find out witch are the Chile holidays and what they are about!
The Atacama Desert
Learn about one of the hottest desert in the world, the Atacama desert.
Information on the National Parks in Chile
Here is a list of all the National Parks in Chile with information about each one of them, so you can decide which on you want to visit.
El Desierto Atacama
Conozcan a unos de los desiertos más áridos del mundo, el desierto Atacama.
Christmas in Chile, Wondering What It´s Like?
Find out how people spend their Christmas in Chile, what they do, what the climate’s like, where to go.
Chilean Salt Flats
This page has information on the Chilean salt flats, where to go, which one’s to see. All the salt flats are listed here.
Chilean Empanadas
Find out everything about Empanadas and why Chileans love it. Here is all the information about them, all the kinds, which to try!
Chilean Guava, Also Called Murtilla
Find out about the Chilean guava, a Chilean wild berry only found in this country, that they call Murtilla.
La Murtilla Chilena
Averigua todo sobre la Murtilla Chilena, una fruta encontrada solo en este país.
Empanada Chilena
Averigua todo sobre la Empanada y porque a los Chilenos les encanta. Aquí esta la información acerca de ellos, de que tipos hay, cuales hay que probar!
Chilean Geyser
All about the Chilean geyser, where it is, how to get there, what to expect.
Salares de Chile
Si quieres información sobre los salares de Chile, a donde ir, cuales ver. Todos los salares están descritos aquí.
Geiser Chileno
Aquí encuentras información sobre el geiser Chileno, donde esta, como llegar, que ver.
Información sobre los Parques Nacionales en Chile
Aquí encontraras una lista de todos los parques nacionales de Chile con información sobre cada una de ellas, para ayudarte decidir cual ir a ver.
The Typical Cazuela
The <i>cazuela<i> is definitely a very typical dish of Chile, a very good one that you shouldn’t miss out on!
Quieres Saber Sobre Los Feriados De Chile?
Averigua cuales son los feriados de Chile y de que se tratan!
Las Cazuelas Típicas de Chile
Las cazuelas definitivamente uno de los platos típicos Chilenos, uno muy sabroso que debes probar!
Resorts That Have Skiing in Chile
Here is a list of all the places that have skiing in Chile, all the information you need to know to decide which place to go skiing.
Looking For A Map Of Chile
Here is a map of Chile, but not just a map, but all the maps you need to do anything here in Chile. Ski slopes maps, hiking maps, road maps etc, all here.
Looking for Regional Chile maps?
Here are all the Chile maps you need, but more specifically maps of regions, maps of the national parks, road maps and many others that will help you locate what you need.
Chile Ski Maps
All the details you need to for your ski trip in Chile, including the ski maps, to hep you decide with slopes you want to hit.
What is Gunnera Tinctoria?
Wondering what gunnera tinctoria is? Or as they would call it here in Chile <i>Nalca</i>. Read here all about this evergreen plant and how the Chileans eat it.
The Chilean Pisco Sour
If you come to Chile you’ll definitely hear about the pisco sour. Read all about Chile’s national drink , what it contains and what makes it so special.
Chile New Years
Find out what it’s like to spend a Chile new years, which are their traditions, what they do to celebrate the incoming year!
The Different Geoglyph in Northern Chile
Find out what is a geoglyph and why it’s a Chile attraction that must be seen, where they are located and how to go to see them.
The Famous Chilean Asado
The Asado is a word that you hear everywhere in Chile. Read about it and why it’s so popular to eat here in Chile.
Good Friday In Chile
Read all about the meaning of Good Friday in Chile. How it’s celebrated and what are there traditions.
Holy Saturday in Chile
Read about this religious holiday and how Holy Saturday is celebrated here in Chile. What is means to the Chileans.
Easter Sunday in Chile
Read about how Easter Sunday is spent in Chile and what it means to them.
What is a Cortado?
Cortado; Find out what is this word everyone says when they are at a coffee shop or at a restaurant.
Porque todos piden cortados?
Averigua porque todos piden cortados cuando van a un café y como es preparado.
Lican Ray
Learn about Lican Ray, this is a beautiful little town that is a definite must see here in Chile. Find out what is so great about it, where is it located and what there is to do.
Properties In Villarrica For Sale
Are you looking to buy Properties in Villarrica? Here are some good bargains that are available with pictures and their locations just with a click!
Hot Springs In Chile
Looking for Hot Springs in Chile to relax in? Here is a listing of all of them so no matter where you plan to go you can find one close by.
Contact Chile-Attractions.Com
Do you need to contact Chile-Attractions? Click here to do so.
Wondering About People In Chile?
Do you wonder what people in Chile are like? Afraid they might take a bite at you? Well read all about the experiences people have had with Chileans, and make you own decision.
Hosteria Inaltulafquen Inn
Are you looking for somewhere to stay in Lican Ray? Hosteria Inaltulafquen Inn is your best bet. This cute little inn is the best place in Lican Ray to make you feel right at home, and the food is an
Domingo Santo en Chile
Lea sobre como celebran el Domingo Santo en Chile y el significado que le dan los Chilenos.
Sabado Santo En Chile
Lee sobre este feriado religioso y como Sabado Santo es celebrado en Chile.
Que son las Nalcas?
Quieres saber que son las nalcas? Averigua aquí todo sobre esta planta perenne y como se come.
Viernes Santo En Chile
Lee sobre el significado del viernes santo en Chile y como lo celebran los Chilenos.
New Year En Chile
Averigua que lo que se hace para el New Year en Chile. Donde ir, como se celebra y cuales son las tradiciones de los chilenos para recibir el año nuevo.
Chilean wine …the best wine in the world!
Read about Chilean wine, the origins, where it comes from and where to go to find the vineyards Chile.
Travel Directory
This travel directory will help you arrange the things you need for your next trip and help you figure out what to take.
Santiago Tourism
Here are the MUST SEE places in Santiago. All the Santiago Tourism sites are listed here!
The Great Chilean Earthquake
You’re probably wondering about the last Chilean earthquake, well here is some information from someone that is living through it.
Chile Earthquake
Read how the Chile earthquake affected the people and what they are doing to get through this tough time.
To Provide Help For The Earthquake in Chile
Learn about the earthquake in Chile, what people are going through, what people are doing and who you can help or be helped?
Chile Earthquake News
Here is a page about the Chile earthquake news, actual facts that are currently happening about the Chile earthquake as it happens.
Chile Person Finder
This is a person finder for people who have been in the 2010 earthquake in Chile. If you have any information about anyone or are missing someone you can look here!
Live Earthquake Information
Here I’ve posted a live earthquake information forum where Chilean’s are connected and talking to each other, so feel free to join and ask questions.
Noticias del Terremoto Chileno
Esta pagina esta publicada con el fin de publicar las noticias del terremoto actuales que están ocurriendo minuto a minuto.
Informacion Del Terremoto En Vivo
Aquí he publicado un foro del terremoto en vivo. Donde la gente Chilena y del mundo están hablando de cosas que están sucediendo en Chile. Comparte con ellos tus ideas o preguntas.
Chile Terremoto
Chile terremoto, lea como afecto al pueblo chileno este devastador terremoto y que están haciendo para superar este difícil momento.
Localizador De Personas Perdidas
Este localizador de personas es para personas que se perdieron en el terremoto de Chile de Febrero del 2010. Si tienes alguna información de alguien o quieres localizar a alguien entonces busca aq
Chile Earthquake Death List
I’m sorry to say that I have published the official Chile earthquake death list. Take a look here.
Lista De Fallecidos Por El Terremoto Chileno
Siento tener que publicar esta lista de fallecidos por el terremoto Chileno. Aquí la puedes ver.
Personas Localizadas
Esta pasa tiene información sobre personas localizadas despues del terremoto.
Share Your Experience With Everyone
How was your experience here at Hosteria Inaltulafquen? Share it with the world here!
Chile News
Wondering what is happening in Chile, click here and read the current Chile news that is happening.
Chileans Reaction After The Earthquake
Read all about the Chileans reaction to this last earthquake. I talk about their good reactions and the bad one that the whole country is embarrassed about. Read here.
Earthquake Chile … What’s Your Story?
What was your experience during the earthquake Chile? Share your story on what happened to you, and read other peoples experiences.
Estas Buscando Mapas De Chile?
Aquí están los mapas de Chile que necesitas divididos por regiones pero además encontraras otros tipos de mapas tales como de parques, de salares entre otros.
Esqui En Chile, Todo Lo Que Quieres Saber!
Aquí encontraras una lista de todos los lugares para hacer esqui en Chile y toda la información que necesitas para planear tu viaje.
Surfing In Chile
All the best places for surfing in Chile are listed right here and all the information on how to get there.
Site Map
Site Map of Chilean Attractions
September 18
So you are wondering what happens on September 18 in Chile. This is the day or days that Chileans celebrate their independence day, read here what do they do and how it is celebrate.
Wondering about the Chile Flag?
Read all about the Chile flag here, its colours, what it looks like and all about its history.
18 de Septiembre, Día de la Independencia de Chile
Si quieres saber como celebran lo Chilenos el 18 de septiembre en chile, averígualo aquí. Todos lo detalles de cómo celebran las fiestas patrias, las tradiciones, las comidas etc.
La bandera de Chile
Lea aquí todo sobre la bandera de Chile, sus colores, la apariencia y cuando fue confeccionada.
Mapa de Salares de Chile
Donde están los salares de Chile? Búscalos en el mapa de salares de Chile. Aquí encontraras donde están ubicado los salares de Chile.
Los Geoglifos del Norte de Chile
Descubre que son los geoglifos y porque es un lugar turístico que debes ver en Chile, donde están ubicados y como llegar a ellos.
Gente de Chile, como son?
Quieres saber sobre la gente de Chile? Si son amables o antisociables? Entonces lee aquí lo que han contado otras personas sobre los Chilenos y entonces puedes tener tu opinión.
Encuentra Aquí Un Geoglifo De Chile
Aquí hay un mapa con la ubicación de cada geoglifo de Chile para ayudarte a localizar donde están.
Surf En Chile
Todos los mejores lugares para hacer el surf en Chile están nombrados aquí y también esta explicado como llegar a ellos.
Santiago Chile
Aquí están los lugares donde tienes que ir a ver en Santiago Chile. Todos los lugares turísticos están aquí!
Read about the Chile Miners here
Read here the story about the 33 Chile miners that where trapped for 70 days underground.
Termas Chile
Aquí en Termas Chile encontraras el listado de todas las termas que hay en Chile y así podrás decidir a cual ir. Averigua donde están y prepárate para relajarte!
Weather In Chile
Wondering about the weather in Chile? Here is a list of all the different regions of Chile with their individual temperatures so you can plan out your vacations.
Navidad en Chile, Quieren Saber Cómo Es?
Aquí describo lo que es una típica Navidad en Chile, como lo celebran, como es el clima y cuáles son las costumbres.
Tiempo Chile
Tiempo Chile... están buscando saber cómo está el tiempo en este largo país? Aquí hay un listado de una cuidad por región para que puedan ver como esta y poder planear sus vacaciones.
Chile Weather
Looking to find out about Chile weather? Read here about the current weather all through out Chile, from north to south so you can plan out your vacation.
Cities In Chile
Learn all about the cities in Chile! Read everything about the most visited and talked about cities, their attractions and activities. Keep on reading to discover the hidden cities that not most peopl
Chile Activities …. What Do You Like To Do?
Read and share here what are your favourite Chile activities to do when your visiting this beautiful country, either going out to eat, going to the beach, hiking or just relaxing at a hot spring.
La Serena
La Serena, learn all about what to do when you are in this beautiful city and everything that you must see that is around here!
Los Chilenos, Quieren Saber Como Son?
Conozcan aquí como son los Chilenos, como sociabilizan, lo que les gusta y lo que no les gusta.
Real Estate In Chile, Interested?
If real estate in Chile is what you want then you’ve found them. Click here to read about these beautiful properties that are available, their locations, their descriptions and how YOU can own it. If
Norte de Chile
Norte de Chile, aquí encontraras la información que necesitas para planear tu viaje a este hermoso lugar.
La Reaccion De Los Chilenos Después del Terremoto
Infórmese aquí sobre la reaccion de los Chilenos después del último terremoto. Las buenas reacciones y las malas están descritas aquí y porque todo el país esta avergonzado del la reacción de algunos.
Looking for Chile Tours?
Are you interested in Chile tours? Here is a page that will help you get the exact tour that you are interested in doing in Chile. Click here to read more!