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The Chilean Cazuela

The cazuela is very popular during the colder seasons. If you’ve never heard of it it’s a soup very rich soup obtains from cooking different kinds of meats and vegetables mixed together.

There are two typical kinds, one made with chicken and the other made with beef. Of course there are the variations made with pork or turkey. The main idea is that each plate is served with a piece of meat, a potato, a piece of pumpkin and maybe a piece of corn, and the soup.

The soup is obtained from boiling the piece of meat with the different kinds of vegetables, the corn, the potatoes, the pumpkin, some string beans, carrots, onions, and some people put a bit of rice or small sized noodles.

The beef ones usually are made with beef parts that have bones. The chicken ones are usually made with the chicken legs. When it’s ready to be served they usually sprinkle a bit of chopped up cilantro into the soup for some extra flavour.

The way they usually consume it is either eat the soup first, then eat the meat and larger vegetables later or the meat and vegetables can be sliced up into the soup and eaten all together. Either way it’s very tasty, so try it.
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