Do You Have Chile Tours On Mind?

I have some exciting ideas on Chile tours! If you’ve read my other pages you know how I love write about Chile and how I want everyone to see what I’ve seen and fallen in love with. All the food and the beautiful places, there is just so many things to see and taste, I want to share it all with you!

You see all the Chile tours I’ve seen so far, tell people to go to all the touristy places and eat at all the nice restaurants. People in Chile assume you want to see all the nice restaurants, the all inclusive hotels and all the shopping places. With my experience from talking to the tourists that I’ve seen in Chile, it seems to me, that as a tourist you want to see the real Chile, not the shopping centers and the five star resorts!

The problem with Chile, is that it’s hard to get around and find these places if you don’t speak Spanish. Chile isn’t a country that speaks a lot of English, so if you go by the tourist books, they will send you to the touristy towns. If you ask someone from Chile that does speak English, they will automatically send you to these places also, because that is where they like to go! However the best places in Chile aren't mentioned as much as the tourist towns.

So I started thinking of what would be the best way for me to tell you about these great places? How to get there without having any problems? How to help you avoid getting overcharged? How to help you have the trip that you want! Have you try the food that you would love without getting sick! Have fun and saying safe at the same time! Then it came to me!! I’ll take you myself!!! I’m serious! I want to show you the places that I’ve seen and that aren’t mentioned to you in the tour books.

I would love to help you plan out your trip, tell you the places that you should go to see! What foods to try while you are there! And if you would like, I can accompany you the whole trip and translate for you! So you would have you own personal interpreter the whole time!

We can plan out your trip the way you want to see Chile. If you love the outdoors, nature and want a rustic trip, I will take you to all the places that are full of nature tours, hikes and beautiful scenery. On the other hand if you do want to go shopping maybe for souvenirs, I’ll be happy to take you to do that too! I can to take you on all and any Chile tours that you want to do, and show you the Chile I know and love. I want to show people the real Chile, not the Chile that all the tourism books talk about! That’s why this is different, I’ll let you chose what you want to do and see. I’ll just help you accomplish it!

So what I was thinking is, if you have the plans to come to Chile and would like me to help you plan out your trip, I would be more than happy to do so. I can you give some ideas on where to go, depending on what part of Chile you would like to visit! Also can tell you what Chile tours you should go on, what parks to visit, what to see, and answer your questions. Then I can help you plan when would be a good time to visit Chile, depending on what is it that you would like to see!

We can make all the arrangements and reserve the hotels ahead of time. If you would like simply play it by ear, depending on what season you come, sometimes you get better discounts. Which is why I mentioned it! Once you plan your trip, if you would like, I’ll be happy to pick you up at the airport and take you wherever you would like to go!!!

So if you would like my help to plan out your trip, and want me to take you around Chile and show you the places you want to see, just use the form below to submit an inquiry and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. We can start planning your Chile tours right away! I just need to plan this ahead because I have to arrange my vacation time to be able to dedicate my whole time to you!

If this catches on we can plan out group tours! Maybe one going north, the other going south or just staying in central Chile! I can even take you to Argentina if you like! I love going to Argentina and eating their wonderful food! It’s just a drive away!!

Once I have done some of these trips I’ll start to post my tours online for anyone else that would like to do them! But until then I’ll be waiting for someone to help plan their personalized Chile tours! I’m so excited to hear from you!!! So pack your bags and I'll see you soon!!!

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