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Holy Saturday in Chile

Holy Saturday is the day after Good Friday and its part of the Easter triad. It is celebrated by the catholic religion as the commemoration of Jesus Christ death. The religious believers celebrate the memorial of the wait for the resurrection of Jesus which occurred on Easter Sunday in the 1st Century. On these two days there are no masses done by the Catholic Churches or any religious ceremonies in commemoration.

This commemoration starts on the Sunday before Easter Sunday called Branch Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) with a ceremony where everyone, here in Chile, brings along a Olive tree twig with leaves so they will be blest. This is a symbol of the reception of Christ in Jerusalem by the Jewish people. They received him waving olive (or actually it was palm leaves) as he entered Jerusalem. This religious commemoration ends on Easter Sunday.

As for what is seen in the community it is a very tranquil day. People get together with their families and usually have a feast that doesn’t include meat. But for most of the population, especially the siblings, they are more worried about the Easter bunny. At the supermarket and the stores they are filled with chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies to buy.

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