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The Best Place In Lican Ray Is Hosteria Inaltulafquen Inn

Hosteria Inaltulafquen, Lican Ray

Hosteria Inaltulafquen, Lican Ray
Let me begin with the basic information, Hosteria Inaltulafquen Inn is a modest rustic and homey Bed and Breakfast Inn located on the north shore of Lake Calafquén, in the Lake District. Locally the area is called playa grande. It is usually open during the summer season although the owner will open it up and have it running any time of the year if someone makes reservations beforehand.

Hosteria Inaltulafquen Sign, Lican Ray

It’s a small place with 5 rooms that are nice and comfy and have been recently remodelled to contain private bathrooms. The price of the room includes breakfast.

The best part is that the owner runs it personally and seems to bend over backwards to please the guests. She is an excellent cook and does most of the cooking for the restaurant, which has been recommended in the South American Handbook, The Lonely Planet and other international travel guides.

The menu is simple but outstanding. I recommend the salmon trout.

The lovely dinning room features rustic decorations and a beautiful view of the lake. From here you see quite a few magnificent sunsets while having a wonderful dinner.

There is also a HUGE fireplace where you can curl up and read a book or spend time talking with people while enjoying some great

Chilean wine.

Hosteria Inaltulafquen Inn doesn’t have 5 star hotel rating but it does have everything you need to get in touch with nature and spend an unforgettable vacation, in fact a lot of people who have come to stay become friends and keep in touch with the owner because of the great time they spend.

I'll tell you why this place is so special to me. It was started by my grandmother in 1969, after starting construction 2 years earlier. The decoration was hers and we have tried to keep it just as she had it back then because the rustic ideas she had still have a great appeal.

The name Inaltulafquen means "refuge beside the lake" in the native Mapuche language.

You can see here why she picked that name.

She used to run it back then and it was very popular with fishermen who stayed during the fishing season. In fact they would have the fishing tournament ceremonies here where fish were caught that weighed up to 7 kilos (about 14 pounds).

If you’re looking for activities there are a lot of things you can do like renting a boat going fishing, visiting hot springs near by, hiking up the undiscovered part of the Villarrica volcano, taking a boat tour around Calafquen lake and much more. If you would like to arrange any of these tours, we are happy to book them for you.

So if you are thinking about coming to Chile, a definite must-do is go to the Hosteria Inaltulafquen Inn at least to eat the salmon-trout because you won’t be able to eat it anywhere else in the world.

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