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The Big Chile Earthquake

Although for some people it seems to have taken forever after the Februrary 27th, Chile earthquake, everything is calming down. The relief effort is getting organized and deliveries of food and help to those in need is underway.

The hysteria that gripped the people is going away and large scale participation in efforts to help people is taking its place.

  • You see a lot of young people helping out.
  • People have stopped buying everything off the supermarket shelves and have started donating some of the food that they bought.

The government is sending trucks of food, water and clothes to the most devestated areas. People, for the first time since the earthquake, are receiving a hot plate of food, some clothes and water.

You see organisations gathering donations of canned food, clothes, diapers and stuff for cleaning (bleach, toothpaste, and deodorant).

Other organizations are gathering materials to rebuild houses. The country is getting back to the generous helpful character that is so typical.

People have stopped looting food and stores and some channels on the television are now using the medium to try to help people communicate and locate their family member instead of showing how much damage there was and people crying about their situation.

The buses, which are the major national travel resource are now running again so people are able to return to their homes and to help their families in the destroyed areas.

Doctors are travelling to areas of destruction to try to help people.

Other countries are sending medical staff to help out.

Even though everything seems to be organised there is so much to do.

People need food, water and a shelter, there are still people trapped in buildings that have fallen (hopefully still alive).

Searches continue for others who are missing.

There's a critical need for delivering food (they're asking for trucks to take food to the destination cities).

There are are still communities that haven’t even gotten any help yet, like a tiny island close to Temuco in the south, called La Isla Mocha, the only way to get to it is to fly a plane. There are 800 people stranded there with nothing because a tsunami destroyed everything.

I could keep going on and on because it never seem to stop:

  • people are lost,
  • homes have been destroyed,
  • people are hurt and hungry…
  • and the ANIMALS, the poor animals are all alone, there are no organizations helping them.

In spite of the horror of this Chile earthquake, people are recovering their giving spirit. People who don’t have jobs are donating money and food. Everyone ssems to be trying to help another person either by collecting food, or donating blood or volunteering. This is the true spirit of Chile!

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