What To Do With The Water

by Lorete

If you don´t have water and your obligated to drink water from some place you might think is contaminated then follow these instructions:

Before you drink any water you must boil it for at least 3 minutes. If you have bleach (at 5,6%) then use 2-3 drops per liter if you intend to drink it right away. Wait 10-15 minutes before you drink the water.

If you want to store water then it is necesary to put 10 drops of bleach (at 5.6%)per liter. Then bottle it up (if you can) and store it. Using bleach will help you eliminate any bacteria the water might contain but it won´t kill paracites.

If you do experience diarea o vomiting then it is necesary to drink more water and if you have handy any isotonic drinks (like gatoraid or here in chile there is one called bliss sport). This is a drink that has salts and minerals and will help you not get dehidrated.

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