Exploring Chile

Angelmo a fishing port in the south

Angelmo a fishing port in the south

Even though I have lived in Chile for more than 15 years, I still am greatly rewarded whenever I set out to go exploring.

Exploring in Chile can be as easy as getting on a bus in Santiago, or any city and following the route until it gets to its end. This is something I've done in various places all around the world.

Almost invariably I end up talking with the bus driver because when we reach the end of the line I explain that I'm sight seeing and I want to know about returning either on the same bus or another one that will get me back to where I started from.

Most of the time I carry a camera with me and snap photos from the window of the bus. One time I was doing this and the bus driver stopped the bus while I was taking my picture and even offered to move the bus a bit so that I might get the best angle for my picture.

Traveling by car, or even out walking, too can be rewarding because there are so many interesting and unusual things to be seen in Chile.

I've uploaded a sampling of some of the varied things I've photographed in different parts of the country.

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