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What is a Choripan?

A Choripan is something you’re going to hear is you get invited to an asado in Chile. It almost always gets served as an appetiser before the main course is served. The word comes from the ingredients which are a combination of chorizo (or as they call it here in Chile, longaniza) that has been grilled and a crusty bread such as a baguette or a marraqueta that has been toasted on the grill.

This typical dish is served either on its own or with aji (hot sauce) and pebre. There are some that are already spicy on their own and that don’t need any spicy sauces to be added.

Like I said it’s very popular among Chileans and it is made every time they have an asado. This is done in get togethers of family and friends on special occasions such as birthdays, holidays or just to watch a soccer game. It is also sold in stands at soccer games, (instead of hotdogs), and for the Independence Day. Although it can be a bit greasy they are very tasty and I would recommend you to try one at least.

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